I have a family friend you might be interested in interviewing for a piece...Guy is ~65 and used to be a military pilot. Guy was a pretty good pilot then left the military after his service time and worked for several successful businesses.

After selling one of his businesses and making a decent profit, he decided to create a school for test pilots of all types. I do not really know the exact scale of the business, but this guy is one of the only people who can “train” pilots to become test pilots. His company has a fleet of cool planes, guy personally flies the family and employees around in a G5, and he is badass as hell still flying and training the pilots himself. He basically described the job to me as taking guys who are already pretty good pilots in their own designations up in a plane, shutting the engines off, and telling them to “figure it the fuck out”...all while he is sitting in the passenger seat.

Truly incredible guy and business. If you have any interest, I will find a way to put you in touch. Have known this guy for a few years as my wife grew up with his daughter and have always wanted to let you guys know about him. didn’t know the best way to but a couple jalop staff saw a recent post of mine and thought I might be visible enough for this to get your attention if interested.


My Best,


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